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Full Root Level Server Access

Resellers Panel offers virtual private servers at wholesale prices starting from $5.00/mo. Our dedicated servers are available for reselling and/or individual use at wholesale prices starting from $35.00/mo. All these premium services are available through our Free Reseller Hosting Program, which is free to join.

Our clients are enabled to select different operating systems for their server packages. The Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS Linux operating systems are now available via our order page.

The customers can purchase an additional Control Panel option. We are offering a free license for Hepsia and DirectAdmin with the CentOS-based OpenVZ VPS and dedicated web hosting packages. Also, the OpenVZ VPS plans are offering a cPanel Control Panel installation option only for $20.00, whereas the dedicated server packages are offering it for just $53.00.

If you are skilled enough and don`t need any of our Control Panel options, you will get full root and SSH access to your VPS or dedicated server. The root SuperUser account will let you install various software packages on your server. With such root privileges you will be allowed to perform all administration tasks. The root level access also gives you the necessary permissions to fully manage a complete web server environment through a remote connection.

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