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ResellersPanel Control Panel

ResellersPanel has been in the web hosting business for 6 years now and right from the start we decided to be unique - and we started out with our own Free Reseller Hosting Program. Since this hosting reseller program was unique at the time it was released, it needed a special way to be managed, which led to the birth of our Reseller Control Panel - a user-friendly interface via which all our free resellers can manage their domain names, online stores and hosting packages.

The Free Reseller Program

Our Free Reseller Program was a true revolution as far as the web hosting reseller business niche was concerned. Back in the day, the only way you could be a cloud web hosting reseller was to purchase the disk space and the traffic beforehand, and then divide them into hosting packages and sell them. This was and is still being done today with the help of the cPanel and the WHM Control Panel tools, which were especially designed to handle such tasks and are still a preferred choice of many web hosting resellers.

Our Free Reseller Program works in a different way - you don't have to buy the disk space and the traffic required for a hosting account beforehand, you just resell our predefined offers or design your own. You will be presented with a wholesale price, which is the price of the account in our system. The retail price, on the other hand, will be the price you set. This way, we will make a profit from the wholesale price, and you will make a profit from the difference between the two prices. And the whole thing is free. You can also sell Semi-Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers on your web hosting store in order to reach a broader audience.

The ResellersPanel Control Panel

The ResellersPanel Control Panel is a unique tool designed to manage the Free Reseller Hosting Program. Since there was no other similar program out there at the time, we had to start its development from scratch, but in the end, we had a tool, which was especially optimized to work with our servers and our system. This way we made sure that there were no compatibility issues.

The ResellersPanel Control Panel allows you to register and manage your domain names via a simple and easy to use Domain Manager interface. You can also take advantage of our Private DNS Cluster offer, which will allow you to use custom name servers and mail servers for all your web hosting clients, adding a custom touch to your web hosting company.

Another great feature is the ability to manage the templates we offer for your web store. With the Free Reseller Program you can choose between five turn-key web templates for your online store, and you can manage their content and box arrangement via the Website Template menu.

The ResellersPanel Control Panel also offers tools for managing your invoices and gives you an overview of all your clients - which accounts are active and which are about to expire. Traffic tools are also available - to analyze all your incoming traffic.

You will also find ways to offer our services on your own custom website - via the Remote Forms and our API (Application Program Interface).

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