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How to assign a banner to your reseller template

The Free Reseller program offers you many options to personalize and brand your reseller hosting stores. One of them offers you the opportunity to assign a custom banner image in the header of every one of your stores, powered by one of our turn-key templates. This way, you can make your web store much more recognizable, with your company name on top or advertising some of the most important web hosting features.

To add a banner image to your website, you will have to go trough several simple steps. The first step it so navigate through the Private Label >> Marketing Tools >> Header menu in your reseller account. There you will see the Custom Header menu, where the Banner option is available along with few other features. By clicking on the Browse button next to the Banner option a File Upload pop up screen will appear. From there you can navigate through the file system of your personal computer to the banner file that you wish to upload. Once you select the banner file, click on the Open button and the path to the file on your computer will appear on the field next to the Banner option. Please note that the size of the banner file should not exceed 760x120 pixel - otherwise the banner may break the design of the template. If your banner is bigger than that, you can resize it with any image edditing program.

Once you are ready, click the Submit button to upload the file on the server and complete the process. Have in mind, that due to the fact that the templates are cached on the server, to allow for faster loading times, your new banner will appear online in about 25 minutes. To speed up this process, you can use the Quick Template Update located just below the Logout link in your free Reseller Control Panel in order to refresh the changes to your online web store faster. This way, your new banner will appear online immediately.

This along with many other reseller program benefits such as low cost reseller hosting, the best domain reseller api, and affiliate program makes the Free Reseller solution one of the best reseller programs available in the net.

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