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How to change the default reseller hosting store

The Free Reseller Hosting Program has many small features and tweaks that allows you better management of your web stores.

As under one reseller account you can have the possibility to set up 4 absolutely independent from each other free reseller stores (a total maximum of 5, including the default store), their management is very important. You have the option to choose the default store of your free reseller account. When a free reseller account is created the first store in it is always the default one. This does not mean that you will not want to make one of your other stores that you created later as a default one. The default store is the one that is always accessible right after you log in in your reseller account.

The way to change the default front store is quite simple.

Once you are logged in your Reseller Control Panel you can list all stores that you have created through the My Store >> Manage Store Settings menu. You will notice that the first store in the list has the "default" check mark next to its name. When you click on the Settings icon you will find the option "Set As Default". Selecting this option for the corresponding store, will make this store your default one and will bring it in the top of the list. This can be very useful if you have a particular store on which you are working more at the moment, or you just have a store which visits and statistics you are monitoring more often. When you log to the free reseller control panel next time you will find the store that you have select as default to be the active one in your account. All changes and statistics that you see will be the ones from that store.

The free reseller program offers many options for management of both the control panel of the free resellers and the hosting accounts of your clients. This allows you to provide quality hosting services as well as one of the cheapest domain registrations.

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