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How to change the prices of your web hosting offers

Most web hosting reseller programs will ask you to purchase disk space or bandwidth prior to reselling it. Once you have bought it, you can sell it at your own prices. However, if you are running on a low budget, you will hardly make a big profit this way. With the Free Rreseller Hostingh Program by ResellersPanel, you can set custom prices on web hosting services, which you don't have to purchase in order to sell afterwards. This means you can establish a very successful web hosting enterprise without making investments and without having to possess any specific knowledge.

Changing the prices of the web hosting services you are offering is very easy. The first step is to choose which web hosting services you will be selling from your store. You can do that from the My Offers menu located inside the Reseller Control Panel. You can choose from among cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers. Activate the services you wish to sell and click on the &Save Settings" button.

Once you are done, the next step will be to set your own retail price for each product. Click on the My Offers tab located in the top navigation menu. From there you can set the price for each product you are offering. Each time you set a new price, you will see exactly how much your profit will be from a single sale.

Have in mind that all cloud web hosting accounts are billed on an annual basis, while the semi-dedicated servers, the Virtual Private Servers and the dedicated servers are billed monthly. This means that you can experiment with different price strategies, depending on your marketing approach.

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