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How to change your web hosting store's default currency

The Free Rreseller Hostingh Program offered by ResellersPanel offers you many reseller benefits - you don't need to possess any specific knowledge; you don't need to make any initial investments in order to start your reseller business; plus, we take of the provision of customer support on behalf of your brand name. Another big advantage you will have as a web hosting reseller under the Free Reseller Program is that you will be able to choose both the currency in which you will bill your customers and the currency in which you will receive your monthly reseller commissions.

You can set the default currency for your store using the Manage Store Settings section in the My Store menu located inside the Reseller Control Panel. From there you will have quick access to all the settings of your reseller store. The default store currency is the second option in the list.

In the Currency Rates section in the same menu you will find detailed information on currency exchange rates and other useful data.

You can choose from 5 available currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, GBP and CAD.

Another great feature our hosting reseller program offers is the ability to set the currency in which your reseller commissions will be sent. You can do that from the Account Profile menu >> Payment Details section. There you will be able to select not only the currency in which your hosting profits will be sent to you, but also in which way - check, bank wire or PayPal. You can also specify the release level of your reseller commission.

All our hosting resellers who wish to bill their customers in more currencies can use the Reseller API tool. With it, the resellers will be able to set a billing system of their own and bill their customers the way they want.

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