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How to host a domain name with a private DNS cluster in a web hosting account

Our Free Rreseller Hostingh Program offers you a great oportunity to create your own Hosting Company, preserving your privacy as our resellers. This feature is greatly increased by the Private DNS Cluster programs in the Free Resellers accounts. This DNS package allow you to unify the name servers , that your clients use under the name of your reseller company, thus enhancing greatly your reseller program privacy.

Despite that the DNS Cluster Package should be added to a domain name , that is registered through your reseller account, you can still host this domain name in a reseller hosting account. This way you can use that domain name to create custom web store from which to offer your reseller hosting program, or you can create another type of web site that will server your needs. That can be done fairly easily, with just a couple of actions, through your Reseller Control Panel.

First thing you will need to do is to go to the Site Management >> Hosted Domains >> My Domains section of the reseller hosting account in which you wish to add the domain name . Then through the "Domain name to host" field add the domain name to the account. Please pay attention to the fact, that you will need to activate the "Don't manage DNS for this domain " check box, before hosting the domain name to the account, using the "Add Domain" button. The "Don't manage DNS for this domain " option is needed in this case, because all the management of the domain name, like changing name servers, editing records, etc, will be done through your Free Reseller control panel and not though the reseller hosting account.

Once that you have added the domain name it will appear with the NA status under the DNS field. This status is usually shown for hosted domains, whose NS records are not managed by the server on which the hosting account is located.

Now you will need to point the A record of the domain name to your reseller hosting account in order to force it to resolve in there instead of your Free Reseller account. You can check the IP that you need to assign as an A record in the Site Management >> Subdomain Manager menu of the hosting account control panel. The IP can be retrieved from the Create a new subdomain >> IP Address section of the menu. Once you have the A record that you need you should log in your reseller program control panel. There navigate through the menu Private Label >> Domain Manager >> Private DNS . From the "Manage DNS for:" drop down menu select the domain name which you wish to point to the hosting account. This action will reveal few buttons on the menu that will allow you to manage your Private DNS Cluster. Select the button "DNS Records" . Here you will need to change the IP for the A records for both the domain name and the www. of the domain name. This can be easily done by simple typing or copy/paste the IP you have retrieved from the hosting account and clicking on the "Edit" button next to the record field . Please note that the corresponding edit button must be selected after every change.

By doing this your domain name will be now pointing to your hosting account. The changes will need about 4 hours to propagate and activate. Then the domain name should be resolving to the web site you have created for it in the hosting account. Options like this one allow our clients a lot of freedom to express their creativity. That is why Resellers Panel is proud to have one of the best reseller programs in the net. You can start your web hosting business very easy and without the need of any special technical knowledge and the power of the private label reseller options will attract many clients to your web store.

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