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How to modify the layout of your reseller template

With each hosting reseller account plan under the Free Reseller Program, the resellers will be able to use any of our five turn-key templates on their web hosting stores. Each of these templates is designed to showcase all your web hosting offers right from the front page. And each of these templates can be set to your store with just a click of the mouse - you don't have to deal with a lot of settings or a complicated setup process.

Each of the available templates is also customizable in several ways: you can modify the header and the footer, the information on the About Us and Contact Us pages, as well as the product layout on the home page of the reseller template.

The product boxes can be modified if you've chosen one of the following templates: 3Box, FlipView or SmartZone. In order to modify their arrangement, go to the Edit Boxes section under the Website Template menu in the Reseller Control Panel. There you will find also the option to change the promotional banners on the home page or the overall color of the template.

A different product box layout with a custom selection of promotional banners and a custom header will make your reseller store more unique and no one will doubt that you are a hosting reseller. To additionally customize your reseller presence, you can also take advantage of our Private DNS Cluster offer.

For those resellers who know a thing or two about web design and want to create their own web hosting store, we have prepared the Remote Forms and the Reseller API, which will allow you to integrate our reseller hosting platform with your custom built reseller web store.

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