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How to refill your reseller wallet and what your wallet bonuses will be

The Free Reseller Program that we offer is one of the best reseller programs on the net. By becoming a reseller, you receive the opportunity to be a domain registrar too and to create a private label reseller account. You can start your own web hosting business and offer low-cost reseller hosting solutions and cheap domain registrations.

As a reseller, you'll have the opportunity to use our wallet system, which is offered with every free reseller account. You can use the money from your wallet to place payments for all the services that are available under the Free Reseller Program. This includes new account orders, domain name registrations or transfers, Private DNS Cluster upgrades or any other service that we offer, as well as the renewals of those services. The system is very useful for cases where you do not want to process payments through different payment gateways or you are experiencing problems with any of the payment methods at the moment. Also, the wallet system represents the most secure payment method as well as the fastest way of processing your orders. To use your free reseller account's integrated wallet, you will have to initially place some amount of money in it. This can be done through the Refill Wallet link located on the main page of your Reseller Control Panel. The option is located on the top of the Control Panel and is always present no matter the section you are currently located in. By clicking on the Refill Wallet link you will be redirected to the Wallet Balance >> Add money section of the Control Panel. Here you will see your wallet's balance as well as the menu that provides you with the opportunity to refill it. The available payment methods for refilling the wallet are: Visa/MasterCard/Discover and PayPal. Also, wallet refills above certain amounts will provide additional bonuses, so you will actually receive a bigger balance in your wallet than the amount that you have sent. You can see a chart of the available wallet bonuses below:

Refill Starts At Refill Ends At Bonus
$45.00 $220.00 + 0%
$221.00 $440.00 + 6%
$441.00 $880.00 + 11%
$881.00 $1760.00 + 14%
$1761.00 $2260.00 + 17%
$2261.00 $3000.00 + 20%

Example: If you deposit $500.00 USD, you will get a bonus of $55.00 USD (that's 11%). If you deposit $3000.00 USD, you will get a bonus of $600.00 USD (that's 20%) and the total amount, which will finally go to the wallet, will be $3600.00 USD.

To refill the wallet, simply select your preferred payment method, enter the amount that you wish to add to your wallet and press the Continue button. This will lead you to the Secure Payment Page where you will enter your payment details. From here, simply follow the payment process until it's completed. Soon after that, our sales department will verify your payment and the amount will be added to your wallet in your free reseller account. Also, if we have promotions or additional discounts for the wallet program, they will be announced on our website and you will be eligible to receive a Discount code which you will be able to use during the wallet refill procedure by entering the code in the Discount code (optional): field.

Finally, note that all wallet refills are final! No refund will be given for any reason and you won't be able to retrieve money from your wallet back to your Credit Card or PayPal account.

The private label reseller program offers you many diverse ways to attract new clients and improve the services you are offering. You can provide your clients with a high bandwidth web hosting solution and a free domain registration. With us, you will be using the best hosting reseller program available, offering cheap reseller hosting plans. The low-cost reseller hosting services will attract many clients to your private label reseller store and you will be able to create your own hosting business company.

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