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How to set prices for web hosting upgrades

With the Free Reseller Hosting Program by ResellersPanel, you can sell web hosting services without having to purchase them yourself before that. You do this by naming a custom price on top of the wholesale price for each web hosting service that we offer and that you choose to sell. Each of the web hosting services that we offer can also be upgraded, if at any point the customer decides that they are in need of more resources.

You, as a hosting reseller, can name a custom price for each web hosting upgrade offered to customers who have cloud web hosting and semi-dedicated server accounts. The same goes for customers who decide to upgrade their dedicated server or Virtual Private Server configurations. You can do so by clicking on the My Offers tab in the top navigation menu inside the Reseller Control Panel.

From there you will be able to set prices for the web hosting offers and for all the available upgrades. The profits from the upgrades will be added to your total reseller profits. The upgrades menu will appear in a new tab next to the List Plans tab.

All cloud web hosting account upgrades can be purchased for the period remaining until the expiration date of the cloud web hosting account in question. All VPS and dedicated server upgrades can be purchased for one month only and have to be renewed together with the respective account itself, if the customer decides to continue to avail of them.

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