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How to use the remote forms

Each reseller hosting account under the Free Reseller Hosting Program provided by ResellersPanel offers access to the Store Master template, which can power any given reseller's hosting store. However, many hosting resellers are skilled enough in website design. For them, we have developed a means of linking their custom made web hosting stores to our reseller program without having to deal with the Reseller API functionality - namely by using our Remote Forms.

The advantage of the Remote Forms over the Reseller API is that they are simpler to use - they are hosted on our servers and are opened using frames on the designated page. They can be modified to fit your page's layout with the help of a CSS file.

To use them, log into the Reseller Control Panel and go the Remote Forms section. There you will see the three essential forms - the remote order form, the remote domain search form and the remote customer login form.

In order to use them, simply copy the HTML code for each of them and place it on your own web page. There are no approval procedures and no requirements, which you must cover.

The remote order form is the most important form - using it, a customer can order a chosen web hosting account. Each sale made via a remote order form will be handled by our sales team, so you don't have to bother with sales verification procedures, even if you are running your own site - we will do that for you.

The domain search form will allow your customers to search for their desired domain. We offer a wide collection of available domain extension (TLDs), making it easy for any customer to find the domain name they are looking for.

The remote login form is the simplest form and can be easily placed within a page.

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