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No setup fees for a VPS server

Our VPS servers that we offer at ResellersPanel, come with no setup fee. This means that you will not have to make any additional payments for the installation of the Operating System, the Control Panel and the software related to the proper functioning of the VPS server - all of this will be handled by us, free of charge, moments after the order has been received. We ensure the fast, free setup of your chosen VPS.

The lack of any setup fees will also tempt your web hosting customers - if you choose to resell our Linux VPS servers via our Free Reseller Program. Perhaps, they will find the quick activation times appealing as well.

The unique thing about our Free Reseller Program is that it allows you to resell all of the hosting services on offer on our website - cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers. And the best thing is that you don't have to purchase either of these prior to selling them - you just resell the products we offer and collect the profits!

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