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Reliable VPS Hosting

The web hosting world is not very different - you apply the same principles when choosing a hosting service that you apply when choosing anything else - you seek the best combination between price, features and reliability. And when purchasing a VPS or a dedicated server, reliability becomes very important, since your business may depend on your server being online.

On our website you can find reliable Linux VPS hosting server solutions. The latter is stable and powerful enough to allow you to start your own VPS hosting reseller enterprise. Each of our VPS servers also comes with a specially designed VPS Plan Manager, which will allow the VPS owner to register new domain names without a problem. All server packages also offer free Control Panel options - the Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel.

All our cheap VPS servers are available via our Free Reseller Program - you can sell them to customers without having to buy them first!

Why is reliability so important?

While the VPS servers and the dedicated servers have a lot in common - they both allow root access and complete server control, the key word as far as VPS servers are concerned is "Virtual". This means, that what you have is actually a virtual machine, using the resources of a bigger and very powerful server. And since a single VPS uses just a share of the main server's resources, there are several VPS servers placed on a single server.

This means that, even if you keep your own VPS server running perfectly, keep out spammers and keep security tight, there is still a chance that your server may be affected, if there is something happening with the main server. This is why, when looking for the right VPS hosting provider, you always have to look at the server's hardware specifications and the company info - they may claim to have the best VPS hosting solution but at the same time often tend to oversell their own features and offer something which is not even close to reliable VPS services.

Reliable VPS servers with ResellersPanel

At ResellersPanel, we can't really make such a bold statement - namely that we are offering the best VPS servers out there. However, we have been in the web hosting business for more than 6 years now, and our client base is rapidly growing even in the times of a world financial crisis. And while we had a rocky start, just as all other hosting companies do, we soon learned how to do things the right way. And when the time to start offering VPS servers came, we already had the needed experience to do the job the right way.

And today, while we can't say with a straight face that we are offering the best VPS servers out there, we definitely can say that we are offering some of the most stable and reliable VPS servers. At low-cost prices.

Can I make money with all this?

The question that everybody's asking in the times of financial crisis is "how to make more money?". At ResellersPanel, we have something, which can help you in this never-ending quest, called Affiliate program. With our affiliate program, all you have to do is refer a friend or a relative to our services, and you will earn 10% of all their sales. And if you don't want to depend on their sales, we offer also a Free Reseller Hosting Program - you can sell cloud web hosting accounts and VPS server packages via an online store, which we provide you with. At no charge, all is free - you don't have to pay for anything.

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