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Cheap VPS servers

Here, at Resellers Panel, you can find cheap Linux VPS servers. With each VPS you will have access to our powerful VPS Plan Management tool, which will allow you to register new domain names, choosing from our wide selection of available TLDs. All VPS servers can be resold via our Free Reseller Program without the need to buy them first.

When choosing a web hosting solution, you usually examine the features it is offering, such as server hardware, as well as the included bonuses, but in the end, one of the most decisive factors, if not the most decisive one, is the price. That is, a given hosting plan may be offering tons of disk space and traffic, loads of bonuses and features, but a single look at the price can immediately turn you down. This is why, when a hosting company starts working on its offers, the price should be seriously considered since it is what gets most attention.

Are cheap VPS servers cheap?

When we, at ResellersPanel, started offering Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions, we began to think what prices to set on them - whether we should be offering cheap VPS servers, or set high prices and achieve larger profit margins? At the end, we decided to go with the cheap VPS solutions - we were all clients at some point ourselves and we know how we feel towards overpriced hosting solutions.

However, when we say that we offer cheap VPS hosting solutions, we don't mean to say that our products are "cheap". After 6 years in the business we have learned that even if you come up with prices as low as 0.99 per month, if you are offering low quality products, no one will be interested in you.

Are cheap VPS servers less powerful?

Aside from coming at low prices, our reliable VPS servers also pack a decent amount of features.

Additionally, all our low-cost VPS solutions are offering a vast choice of operating systems - CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu, which will be installed on your server at no extra cost.

Are there any free VPS servers?

We don't offer free VPS servers. However, our VPS servers come with several free bonuses - all of the cheap VPS servers on offer come with a Domain Reseller Account, which you can use to sell domain names.

Another important thing that is free is our Free Reseller Program, through which you can join the web hosting reseller business at no cost whatsoever and sell cloud web hosting accounts, VPS and dedicated servers without the need to deposit anything beforehand. Additionally, if you don't make any sales, you can still make money. Simply take a look at our Affiliate program - with it, if you refer a friend or a relative, or even someone you don't even know, then you can make 10% of all their sales.

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