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ColdFusion and Ruby on Rails-based VPS Hosting Solutions

ColdFusion is a web development platform, which uses its own programming language, aiming to compete mainly with PHP and Python. Its main advantage is that applications developed under ColdFusion are not system or hardware dependent. That is why ColdFusion-based offers are a vital part of the hosting services offered by any web hosting company.

Rails, or Ruby on Rails, is a framework based on the Ruby programming language. It is one of the leading Ruby frameworks, which gained a quick popularity when Apple included it in their OS in 2007. Due to the ever-expanding popularity of the framework, Ruby on Rails-based hosting offers are becoming more and more popular.

ColdFusion VPS Hosting

ColdFusion was designed to run in a Java Runtime Environment. This is why, in order to run ColdFusion in a Linux-based Virtual Private or Dedicated Server environment, you will have to install the Apache Tomcat add-on.

If you are running a cPanel VPS hosting solution, then you can easily install Tomcat via the WHM software. At Resellers Panel, you can get a cPanel-equipped VPS server.

Rails VPS Hosting

Ruby is a relatively new programming language, but is quickly gaining popularity. A strong supporter for Ruby is the website. This is why, if you plan on becoming a VPS hosting reseller, it's important to offer Ruby on Rails to all your clients. This is also the reason why we have prepared Rails-based VPS server hosting packages.

VPS hosting with ResellersPanel

All of the VPS servers available can be resold under our Free Reseller Program without the need to purchase them beforehand.

With ResellersPanel you can get a fully equipped VPS server, which is ready to work with almost any available frameworks out there. Only ASP.NET is not supported, since it requires a Windows environment and all our servers are Linux-based. The choice of the Linux operating system is a result of our desire to offer low-cost, cheap VPS servers.

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