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Debian VPS Hosting

ResellersPanel offers different web hosting solutions, suitable for all kinds of customers. We have a long experience in providing stable and reliable Debian hosting solutions. With our Debian-based VPS packages our clients can get the power of a fully featured Debian server at a very low price. Our Debian VPS hosting packages offer a stable Linux VPS platform. If you are just starting a new web project you can get a cheap VPS solution. All VPS packages are available to you at wholesale prices both for reselling purposes and for your own online needs. You don't need to purchase a VPS in order to resell it - you just need to become a member of our web hosting reseller program.

Why Use a Debian VPS Hosting Solution?

Because of its indisputable benefits, the Virtual Private Server has become a rational solution for high-end web applications and websites. The native kernel support for the virtualization extensions of the modern dual-core and quad-core processors, plus its stability, security and scalability, make the Linux Virtual Private Server one of the most popular hosting platforms. As one of the most popular and stable Linux distributions, Debian is a desired virtual machine operating system (OS). One of the reasons for this is the mighty popular alliance between Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP), which can be easily installed on Debian using the Aptitude package manager.

How Does the Debian VPS Work?

Our Linux VPS hosting servers represent an enterprise class solution at a reasonable price. Our Debian VPS packages are powered by the OpenVZ Containers engine. This container-based virtualization solution creates multiple secure, isolated VPS packages (containers) on a single Linux server. This technology offers better server utilization and reduced hosting costs as compared to the dedicated hosting solutions.

Our clients have several options for a Linux OS that can be installed on their VPS containers, including Debian, Fedora and CentOS. The Debian-powered packages run on isolated and secured partitions of the physical virtual server, which is powered by OpenVZ and CentOS Linux.

Each Debian virtual machine performs and operates exactly like a stand-alone server does - something, which ensures that different customers' applications do not conflict. All packages offer root access and can be fully managed and rebooted independently. Our Debian VPS hosting plans come with enough disk space, RAM memory and proportional CPU share resources (depending on the chosen VPS package) to make your high-end web applications run as fast as possible. Thanks to the easy-to-install LAMP hosting platform, which utilizes an Apache 2 web server, MySQL and PHP, your VPS package is ready to assist you in building an e-commerce or an CMS-based website in just a few clicks. With our Debian Virtual Private Servers you don't need to pay any taxes because there are no setup fees or reseller charges. Unfortunately, we still do not provide an option for the installation of a web-based Control Panel environment for our Debian virtual machines. Such an option is only available with our CentOS VPSs, which include support for DirectAdmin, the Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel and cPanel.

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