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A Multi-core Hosting Solution by ResellersPanel

We, at ResellersPanel, are offering fully featured multi-core virtual server packages. To utilize the full power of our dual and quad-core server configurations, our VPS hosting packages are offered with Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems which are optimized to support virtualization technologies at the kernel level.

A Multi-core Processor Virtualization Technology

Today's modern Intel dual-core and quad-core processors utilize virtualization on a system level. Intel's virtualization technology provides silicon-level support for fundamental virtualization features. Using this technology, the latest dual-core and quad-core Xeon, i7 and Core2Duo processors can provide an improved performance and increased support across diverse operating systems. Also, the Intel VT helps to reduce the virtualization software's complexity and provides a better utilization of the server resources.

There are different virtualization extensions provided by other server processor vendors as well. For example, the AMD Opteron processors utilize the AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) Technology. This set of hardware extensions provides a better utilization of the resources and makes servers more effective.

Multi-core Virtual Server Essentials

Probably you ask yourself how the number of processors or cores affects the performance of the virtual environment. Actually, this depends on many factors. First, the operating system on the virtualization server should support a multi-processor or multi-core architecture. Just like with a physical server, the OS and the applications deployed by the virtual server must be able to take advantage of a multi-core processor system to gain any benefit from the multiple processors.

ResellersPanel's VPS platform features CentOS Linux-based physical servers. Optimized for virtualization at the kernel level, they run one of the best VPS software solutions - Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. The VPS containers are configured with stable, fast, optimized Linux operating system setups.

If the virtualization software supports multiple processors, there is an option to assign a dedicated processor to a specific virtual machine. Let's say we have a quad-core processor virtualization server with two virtual machines on it. Then we have several options. First, we can attach two cores for every virtual machine. In this case we will have 2x dual-core virtual servers. The other option which we are using for all our VPS packages is to allow all VPS machines to share all the processors - in this case all servers will be recognized as quad-core virtual servers, but they will share the CPU cores proportionally. Using this option, the virtual servers can perform faster and can execute more complex applications. Also, each VPS has its virtual server CPU quota, which shapes the overall CPU usage.

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