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A Fedora-based VPS Hosting Solution

As a popular hosting platform choice, Fedora is a rational VPS operating system alternative. A Fedora-based virtual server is easy to set up and represents a great foundation for incorporating a web server, a DNS server, an e-mail server and more, but actually compared to the CentOS server optimized alternative, it performs slower and provides a less secure environment.

Our VPS packages utilize an enterprise-class virtualization technology, which runs on a CentOS-based server and comes with a custom web interface for managing your VPS containers. With all ResellersPanel's VPS plans you get a dedicated IP address, SSH and full root access to the server. If you choose CentOS as an operating system, you can also install various software packages using the Fedora-based Yum software manager. The packages also come with our in-house built domain/billing manager and offer some free bonuses - a $500-worth domain reseller account, and the ClientExec billing software solution available for free.

What is Fedora Core?

Fedora Core is an innovative open source operating system based on the Red Hat Linux distribution. Sponsored by Red Hat, the Fedora Project is managed and directed by the Fedora Foundation. Fedora is updated twice a year and is always free for anyone to use, modify and distribute. Developed by a large community of developers and Red Hat employees, Fedora Core answers the very best free open source software standards. It is a combination of secure and robust cutting-edge technologies. Fedora Core can work with Red Hat's RPM packaging system and the Yum package manager which requires zero-configuration and makes it easy to add new software from package repositories and/or individual packages files. Using the Yum utility, customers can also update the existing software or remove unwanted packages from their system.

CentOS - a Fedora-like Server Operating System

Unfortunately, we do not offer Fedora Core-based hosting service packages, but for our clients we provide a better, server-oriented Red Hat Enterprise-derivative Linux distribution - CentOS. It shares the same foundations as Fedora but is designed especially for server environment. Actually, CentOS shares about 99% of Red Hat Enterprise Linux's source code and aims to provide the same experience without the expensive support service. It's true that CentOS lacks some desktop features but as a server platform it provides support for web-based Control Panel applications. Our CentOS-based VPS and dedicated servers are not only compatible with Fedora and Red Hat applications but can accommodate the cPanel, the DirectAdmin and the Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel solutions. The installation of the cPanel hosting automation panel is free and the license is cheap.

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