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A Linux-based Virtual Server Hosting Service

The Linux-based virtual server hosting service represents a modern and cost-effective way to provide a high quality web hosting solution at a reasonable price. Our offers provide secure hosting solutions for different types of websites and web services.

To purchase these packages at the abovementioned wholesale prices, you just need to become a member of our reseller hosting program. These packages are also available for redistribution. You don't need to buy a package in order to resell it - you only need to fill out the signup form. Then you can resell all our VPS, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and cloud we hosting packages on your web hosting store at your own prices which you can set up using the ResellersPanel Control Panel. Don't wait - become a Linux VPS reseller now!

Why is the Linux-based Virtual Server Hosting Solution Better?

As an open source platform, Linux provides support for different virtualization technologies. First, the kernel itself is enabled to use the virtualization extensions added to the modern dual-core and quad-core processors from Intel and AMD.

There are also many free software packages which enable Linux administrators to easily create, run and manage Linux-based virtual servers. A good example of a powerful open source industry virtualization standard is the Xen VPS hosting platform. Another popular Linux-based VPS hosting option is the OpenVZ, which is a free, open source package, based on the Virtuozzo Containers commercial virtualization solution offered by Parallels.

Providing a platform for both free and commercial virtualization packages, the Linux-based virtual machine solution is suitable for many scenarios. Depending on the used virtualization engine, the Linux-based VPS server can offer different VPS hosting packages, based on various Linux distributions and services. Some of the most popular and widely offered Linux virtual server hosting solutions are based on the Debian server platform. Other widespread options are the Ubuntu VPS hosting and the CentOS VPS platforms.

A Linux-based VPS Server from ResellersPanel - A Step Forward!

Thanks to our experience in providing high quality hosting services, we have created balanced and complete VPS packages, designed to target all our clients' web hosting needs. Our customers also have an option to upgrade their virtual server's parameters by purchasing additional dedicated IPs and RAM memory.

With our new VPS reseller hosting plans, semi-dedicated and dedicated server reseller packages, our hosting resellers will be free to provide a complete set of web hosting solutions.

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