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ResellersPanel's Linux-based Virtual Server Offer

The Linux-based VPS hosting solution allows one physical server machine to be shared by multiple web hosting customers. Every one of these server clients runs their own isolated partition of the server - a virtual machine container, which has its own operating system and can run various web services.

ResellersPanel offers complete Linux-based virtual server hosting solutions.

Linux VPS hosting packages at wholesale prices

Of course, you have the freedom to go for a totally different setup. Select CentOS as an operating system for your VPS package and you will have the option to purchase a cPanel for only $0.00/mo or get a free Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel or DirectAdmin hosting Control Panel installation. Also, using the WHM panel, which comes as a part of the cPanel solution, you can easily start your own VPS-based reseller business. This web hosting management tool enables you to divide your VPS plan into smaller web hosting packages which can be resold. As a bonus you'll get a few free reseller hosting tools - a $500-worth domain reseller account is provided with all VPS plans.

Why Choose a Linux-based Server Hosting Solution?

Today's dynamic high-quality web pages need a fast and reliable hosting platform. Because of their stability and expandability, the Linux-based distributions are a top choice for web hosting servers. Also, most of the Linux distributions are open source and thus provided free of charge, which makes them a high-quality free alternative to the expensive Windows and commercial Unix-based hosting platforms.

How Does the Linux-based Virtual Server Hosting Service Compare to Other Hosting Offers?

The popular Linux-based cloud hosting services offer a large amount of disk space, database storage, traffic, mailboxes etc. at low prices. Unfortunately, all server resources are shared by many users, and that is why the cloud hosting solution is not suitable for powerful, e-commerce or enterprise class applications which consume much CPU power and memory, and need a higher level of security. Hosting such web applications on a dedicated server is the best option in terms of software performance, reliability and security, but even the cheap dedicated hosting service is an expensive solution for individuals and smaller companies.

There are different hosting packages targeted at these groups of customers. One of the solutions is the semi-dedicated hosting service, which offers a cloud hosting service for a few customers on a physical server. This solution is cheaper than most VPS packages but it comes with many limitations and is not suitable for applications which need to run some special services and scripts.

Another solution which offers both low prices and high levels of performance and security is the Virtual Private Server hosting solution. This service depends on a virtualization technology which enables one server machine to be partitioned into several isolated virtual machines. Each of them can have its own operating system and can be managed without any interaction with the other virtual servers. The Linux VPS hosting clients have full control over their virtual machines. They also have dedicated IPs, root access and can manage their server via SSH or by installing an optional web-based Control Panel.

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