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Managed VPS Hosting

A managed VPS hosting solution means that the company, which has originally sold you the VPS, will be taking care of several important tasks for you - service monitoring and rebooting operations, OS updates, weekly/daily backups and additional script installations. Server securing or hardening services are also offered by most companies. With ResellersPanel, you can take advantage of our Managed VPS package, available with all our VPS hosting plans.

Each of the VPS servers on offer can also be resold under our Free Reseller Program, which allows you to sell cheap VPS server configurations without the need to buy them first.

Why do I need a managed VPS service?

The whole purpose of the managed VPS service is to give you all the time you need to focus on building your site, on managing your business, etc. without the need to bother with server issues.

This way, you can rely on the fact that skillful technical support members and experienced system administrators will be taking care of your server. This will save you the time that you would otherwise have had to spend setting up the different services yourself and making sure they run correctly. Thus, you won't have to set up a monitoring system yourself and figure out a way to watch over it 24/7 to make sure your website is always up and running. And in case of a problem, our support staff and system administrators will be able to take care of it much faster, since this is what they are trained and paid to do.

What exactly will be managed?

This type of service depends on the company providing the server - different companies use different approaches. Here is what we, at ResellersPanel, are offering with all our reliable VPS servers:

Can't I go with an unmanaged VPS solution?

The unmanaged VPS server is the default option - this way all VPS management options will be up to you. If you have experience in this area, or if you employ other people to deal with such VPS management operations, then you won't need a managed service. In all other cases, it's recommended that you go for a managed VPS service.

What else is there?

Each VPS comes with our proprietary domain management tool, which will allow you to very easily register new and manage your existing domain names. We also offer a wide selection of available TLDs for you to choose from when getting a new domain name.

And if you are looking for something else besides working with your VPS, we also have another attractive offer - the Free Reseller Program. With it, you can start your own reseller business with no initial deposits - if you don't make a sale, you will not be charged a dime. And you will also not be charged if you do make a sale - we will simply send you your reseller commission. And you are free to sell both cloud web hosting accounts and VPS and dedicated servers without having to worry about how many of them you get to sell.

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