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What is Ubuntu and Why Choose It?

Dubbed as "Linux for Human Beings", Ubuntu is probably the most popular and widely used Linux distribution. Based on Debian Linux, Ubuntu is used in various types of devices, from ARM-based Internet terminals and netbooks to production workstations and multi-core servers.

One of the main benefits of Ubuntu is the strong support behind it. Sponsored by Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu is provided for free and is regularly updated. A new version is launched every six months and with every single version Ubuntu implements more and more features.

An Ubuntu-based VPS Hosting Solution

Created to support a number of platforms, Ubuntu is also used as a virtual appliance. There is an especially configured version for virtual machines that features a tuned kernel containing only the base elements needed for running a virtualized environment. This optimized platform has a smaller footprint and provides a better performance on the same hardware compared to the full, non-optimized OS version.

ResellersPanel offers Ubuntu as an operating system choice with all virtual private servers and dedicated servers. To purchase or resell some of these Ubuntu-based hosting packages, you need to sign up with our Free Reseller Program.

Used as a guest operating system, Ubuntu provides a basis for running an easy to configure virtual hosting platform. Configuring a LAMP server environment on an Ubuntu virtual server is an easy-to-do task. The operating system is easy to manage thanks to the built-in update manager. Also, because of its big supporting community, you can find support for almost every problem in the Ubuntu forums or directly from Ubuntu's vendor Canonical Ltd.

Our Ubuntu-based VPS packages offer full root access over SSH. Our plans' features can be also managed through ResellersPanel's VPS/Dedicated Plan Manager and via the SolusVM panel.

Why Use Ubuntu as a Server Platform?

As we mentioned above, Ubuntu is a Debian-based distribution. While it shares Debian's packaging system, architecture, applications and reputation for stable installations and reliability, Ubuntu differs in a number of ways. Thanks of its six-month updating circle, the Ubuntu server is kept up to date with the latest hardware and software innovations. The current Ubuntu server platform provides an especially configured kernel to match the requirements of all common workloads typically found on a server. Also, with features like PowerNap and PowerWake, Ubuntu will help you to get the most out of your hardware while maintaining optimal power consumption. Ubuntu Server Edition offers a task based installation process, which enables you to set up PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby and Python, together with Apache, MySQL and PgSQL within minutes, and which comes ready and optimized for the most common workloads in PHP. Also, installing other services and languages is an easy job thanks to the advanced packaging system.

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