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Linux Virtual Host

Virtualization is all the rage these days, with a lot of different solutions available - from hardware virtualization to OS virtualization. Different software solutions are available to perform the needed operations as well. The virtualization method is especially applicable in the web hosting field - it allows hosting providers to reduce the total number of the servers used, improve their services, reduce their prices and offer a brand new service - Virtual Private Servers.

The VPS hosting servers on offer at ResellersPanel are reliable and powerful enough to host from a small e-commerce site to a huge corporate portal. Each server also comes with a free domain reseller account. And if you don't want to get your own Linux VPS server, you can always re-sell them as a part of our Free Reseller Hosting Program!

Virtual Server Hosting Solutions by ResellersPanel

ResellersPanel has a good tradition in offering VPS hosting servers - during these few years we've been able to work out the problems, which always follow the release of a new product and now we take pride in offering cheap and reliable Virtual Private Servers.

And if you are not ready to invest that much in a single server, but still want to be a part of the web hosting reseller business, why not take a look at our Free Reseller Hosting Program, which allows you to work without any beginning fees or investments at all? We will not charge you if you don't make a sell. And you can offer not only regular cloud web hosting accounts - you can also become a VPS reseller, and even sell dedicated servers. Again, until a sale has actually been made, we will not charge you a dime!

Virtual Servers on Linux

Linux is the preferred operating system in the web hosting world. It comes for free, it's much more secure than Windows, and being open source-based, it's easy to modify as well. Used by the majority of the web hosting companies, Linux was the natural OS environment choice when the concept of the virtual machines was introduced.

Very soon virtual machines became very easy to create and use. Plus, any operating system out there could run on a Linux-based machine. This solved many compatibility problems, which had existed between Linux and Windows for ages.

Linux Virtual Hosting

When people realized that this allowed them to offer customers the ability to be hosted on a virtual server, which had all the access benefits of a stand-alone dedicated server, the term "Linux virtual hosting server" quickly appeared. The Linux-based virtual hosting solution allows the user to run their own instance of a Linux distribution, such as CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu on their machine, as if it was a real server offering complete root access.

With the Linux-based virtual hosting business on the rise, whole web hosting companies were created, which specialized in offering only virtual hosting server services.

Virtual Containers Hosting

Soon after the virtual machines were introduced, the virtual containers followed. The virtual container uses the same basic principle as the regular virtual machine does. However, with virtual containers, the guest operating system uses the host operating system's driver to communicate with the server's hardware. This allows for faster work and reduced server load.

This approach is now commonly used by the hosting companies - the resulting virtual hosting containers act like separate machines, but are much easier to create and manage. They are also cheaper to create and maintain, which allows low-cost VPS solutions to be offered.

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