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How to get a Control Panel for a server purchased without a Control Panel

ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Program offers you the most valuable hosting opportunities and solutions, combining low cost cloud we hosting plans with powerful Dedicated Hosting packages. You can resell our predefined cloud hosting plans or the ones that you've created yourself at a reasonable and competitive annual price, or go for the Dedicated, Semi-Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers, whose configuration can vary depending on your requirements or on those of the clients that purchase the service. There are multiple possible hosting Control Panel solutions for our OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers: the cPanel Control Panel, which is a leading automated hosting Control Panel standard, DirectAdmin, which offers a similar functionality and the Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel, built by us and loaded with multiple free bonuses. Our KVM Virtual Private Servers offer only cPanel as a Control Panel solution.

We also provide our all of our servers without a Control Panel tool - just a plain Operating System installation. This scenario is fit for more advanced users that either want to install a Control Panel themselves or do not need one to successfully operate their hosting space and their server. In case you decide, however, that you do need a Control Panel to be installed on your server, this can be easily achieved in a few quick steps - you only need to purchase this particular upgrade by entering your Billing Account - the place where all payment procedures connected to your VPS will be processed.

Once you have logged in your VPS Billing Control Panel, you can take a look at the table called "Updates", which will allow you to purchase a Control Panel for your server. Click on the "Add Services & Upgrades" link within that table and then proceed by ordering the Control Panel tool you need to purchase. You can always upgrade your VPS plan using the very same Billing Control Panel via which you've purchased the Control Panel. This can be done from the same "Upgrades" table, using the "Change Plan" link.

The cPanel Control Panel runs exclusively on the CentOS Red Hat-based Linux distribution. It has proven to be the most stable Operating System coping with cPanel's requirements and integration techniques.

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