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Set up a VPS server for yours or your clients' needs

Installing a full web server environment is not an easy job. Actually, this is a pricey and time-consuming task, which involves knowledge about the server's operating system, about how web services work in general, and also at least basic networking skills. So, if you are a novice in the web hosting business and don't have the necessary skills, instead of paying skilled server administrators installation service fees, you probably should consider buying a cloud web hosting package which comes with pre-installed software and just waits for your website to be uploaded. Such packages can be bought or resold through our Free Reseller Program and are available to you at wholesale prices from $2.50/mo for the Starter plan to $9.50/mo - for the Enterprise package.

After a while, probably yours or your client's website will grow. It will need an upgrade to a next level solution. If you still fill comfortable with your cloud hosting plan's Web Hosting Control Panel, you should migrate or offer your clients one of our Semi-Dedicated hosting plans. They provide your site with enough power (up to a 100% CPU share) and space to expand.

If you fill that you need to break the limits which stop your business to grow, then you should consider moving to a dedicated server, which can be set up with all the needed services. Unfortunately, even ResellersPanel's dedicated servers (starting at as low as $50.00/mo) are expensive for an individual or a small company, but there is still another option - our VPS hosting packages.

Yes, the Virtual Private Server is a cost-effective solution which combines the complete isolation and security of the dedicated server with the low prices of the cloud web hosting solution. Available via our web hosting reseller program at wholesale prices, they are cheaper than the semi-dedicated solutions and provide you with a complete virtual machine. You are in control - you can install, manage and remove various services and applications. You can also purchase an additional management service and have our support staff and administrators run various tasks (maintenances and updates) on your behalf. Even more - you can divide a VPS server into smaller web hosting packages and resell them using the WHM web hosting manager.

How to Set Up a Virtual Server?

If you need to run you own virtual server, you just need to purchase one from the manual order form in the Reseller Control Panel. First, you need to choose a VPS hosting package suitable for your web applications. Because different packages are suitable for different types of services, it is up to you to decide which will fit best your web hosting needs. Then you need to select an operating system. Actually, all Linux distributions offered are enough stable and reliable, but every single one offers some benefits over the others. For example, Debian is one of the most popular OSs used in the web hosting business and comes with a unique packaging manager with a thousand easy-to-install apps in the repositories. On the other hand, CentOS offers a Red Hat Enterprise-like environment and is the only distribution which is provided with an optional pre-installed Web Hosting Control Panel (you can purchase cPanel/WHM or get DirectAdmin for FREE).

Once you've selected the OS you can customize your server with additional dedicated IPs, backup and managed service options. Then submit your order and your VPS will be set up by our administrators within several hours after your purchase has been verified.

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