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Web Hosting Glossary

Reseller Hosting Glossary

Learn more about the world of reseller hosting with the help of detailed reseller hosting terms glossary.

Cloud Web Hosting Glossary

If you're curious to know about world of web hosting or just want to increase your knowledge, view some of the most widely used terms and definitions in this category.

Virtual Private Servers Glossary

We have compiled for you a dictionary of Virtual Private Server terms to help you get into the essence of VPS hosting, no matter whether you are a free reseller or a cPanel reseller.

Dedicated Servers Glossary

A dictionary of Dedicated Server terms and definitions to understand how your dedicated server works and what you can do with the limitless possibilities of the root access.

Domain Names Glossary

Domain names glossary offers very helpful information about the various terminology and definitions used within the domain names, WHOIS Protection, registration requirements, the domain management options and many more.

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