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A New cPanel Reseller Program Launched! has the pleasure to announce the launch of its cPanel reseller hosting program, which has four reseller plans offering 5, 7, 10 and 15 GB of disk space, and 50, 70, 100 and 150 GB of bandwidth, priced at 25, 35, 45 and 65 USD per month respectively. They all come with the Softaculous free scripts installer and the ability to host multiple domains. The cPanel control panel itself, which is the most widely used user-friendly control panel in the hosting industry allowing resellers to administer individual and reseller accounts, is translated in many languages, including the most commonly used and widespread ones.

Beside the around-the-clock prompt and reliable technical support, the cPanel program offers each and every reseller a FREE dedicated IP address, which guarantees them complete anonymity, and which provides secure protection against DDoS attacks. Moreover, the 2-Tier affiliate program applies to the cPanel reseller hosting program as well. You will receive 10% of all the sales you have made through the cPanel reseller hosting plans.

A New cPanel Reseller Program Launched!

The cPanel program is a completely risk-free enterprise as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and its prices are very well balanced and correspond to the plans’ features and properties. The cPanel program offers several GB of FREE disk space for the main reseller account so that resellers can host their sites for free without the need to recourse to their reseller accounts’ resources and thus lower their profits.

Nick Blaskov (CFO of LiquidNet Ltd.) said:

“With the launch of our new cPanel Program, we won't give up the future development of our FREE program, which is still the only one of its kind on the reseller hosting market...

Our site is the only one offering solutions for all kinds of resellers, fully encompassing the FREE - PAID programs range (with monthly and yearly billing cycles respectively).

Now our cPanel program stimulates us to further elaborate on our FREE program. The official launch of the Plan Builder, for example, will take place no later than December 15, 2005 (a) while a little bit later we will enable you to add your own private DNSs (b) for the sake of your anonymity as resellers.

In fact, these two very important upgrades were made in August 2005, while since September 12, 2005, we have been testing the private DNSs of one of our free hosting services and trying to solve the problems that occur. Still, the users are the best testers...

The Plan Builder has been delayed because, in order to use, it we will have to move to the so-called New Platform, also known as Version 2 to the resellers who visit our forum. The templates, which many of you use, will have to be replaced as well.

With the launch of the Plan Builder we officially break with Version 1. What remains for us to do is finish the design upgrade of the ResellersPanel CP”

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