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Better & More Precise Statistics!

There are several things, which are crucial for the success of any program that involves partnership. Two of them are: detailed statistics and regular, accurate payments.

We have replaced the reports and payments stats in our FREE program’s Control Panel with new ones:

  • ‘Stats and Reports > New General Stats’
  • ‘Stats and Reports > View Payments History’

What will you find in the stats and reports?

More information than in the old stats. Here are some of the most important sections of the main report table:

  • Transaction Status is a very important sector from the whole report table and is being set by our Sales Department. Information about each transaction status is taken from ResellersPanel’s admin system, i.e. we receive information about our admin panel and your statistics from one and the same place. Therefore the information is 100% accurate. The following transaction statuses are explained thoroughly in the ‘Help’ section of the statistics: Not Verified, OK (Verified), Fraud, Refund, MBG (Money-Back Guarantee) or Charge-Back.
  • The Account Status section gives information about the current status of the account: Active, Blocked, Paused, Expiring or Expired.
  • Order Type gives information about the purpose of the respective transaction made by your client. Whether it was: new order, renewal, change plan, upgrade, wallet refill or reversal.
  • Item gives information about what has been purchased: domain (together with a plan), register domain (as an upgrade from the web hosting CP), plan (hosting account), service (upgradeable services) and other items.
  • Order ID is an inside number, which is a central part of each Invoice and Credit Note number.
  • Username, Date, Net Profit, Issued and SUBTOTALS hardly need to be explained here. After all, there is a very comprehensive ‘Help’ section where you can learn just about everything you need to know.

On the index page of ‘View Payments History’ we display very important information regarding your sales, your commissions, the chosen payment method and the corresponding status. Please read carefully the respective ‘Help’ section so that you clarify those things that are not clear enough to you.

We have also prepared special instructions in a PDF format regarding the ‘New Payment History’ table from the ‘View Payments History’ page. Click on the image so that the instructions open in a new window.

The Report tables in the ‘New Payment History’ table differ from those in the ‘New General Stats’ table only in two things:

  • In the ‘Affiliate Sales’ table, which is a part of the payments reports, there is a column named Affiliate, in which the account username of the reseller referred by you is displayed.
  • In the ‘cPanel Affiliates Sales’ table there is Invoice ID (instead of Order ID) while in the Affiliate column the referred reseller account is displayed as an e-mail address, which is not complete due to security reasons and because of our cPanel Privacy Policy, which has to be abided by.
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