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New Invoice & Notification System is pleased to announce the launch of a new invoice system, which informs our resellers in advance of each and every transaction. We issue an invoice for every transaction regardless of whether it is a new account purchase, a renewal of an existing account, separate domain registrations with the's web hosting control panel, any kind of service or account upgrades, etc. Besides, we issue invoices for all of the transactions that the resellers conduct through the Reseller Control Panel (RCP).

Upon payment we send your clients two kinds of invoices:

  1. invoices, which we send to your clients on your behalf (or on behalf of your "Store Name")
  2. invoices, which we send to the reseller on our behalf (LiquidNet Ltd.)

Thanks to this system every reseller can contact his client at all times if necessary (because we also send you a copy of the invoice issued on behalf of the reseller).

Pay special attention to the following two cases:

  1. We will NOT send an invoice to YOUR clients given we have NOT received a payment from them.
  2. r each order through RCP (the "Manual Order" section) we will send the invoice ONLY to the e-mail pertaining to the reseller account with ResellersPanel i.e. irrespective of order's the payment details, we send the invoice to the reseller ONLY. The Customer Details part of this invoice will represent the data pertinent to the reseller account with us.

Note: You should fill in the "Store Name" section in your RCP, because it will be featured in the field "from" in the invoice. The same name is used for "Welcome E-mails", "Warning E-mails" and others. If the "Store Name" field is empty it is automatically replaced by "SupremeServer".

How does the invoice system work?

Upon placing an order by the client, he is being sent an invoice with the full transaction amount (Retail Price). This invoice is issued on the behalf of the reseller. A copy of this invoice is sent to the resellers as well.

  • Invoices issued to clients - they are issued on behalf of the reseller. The invoice number begins with '1' and ends with '-a' (for example: 1-1-1-118108-a). The invoiced sum: Total Retail Price (the full transaction amount). You too receive a copy of this invoice.
  • Invoices issued to resellers - we send an invoice on behalf of LiquidNet Ltd. to you (the reseller), with a value equal to the wholesale price as a part of the full transaction amount. The number of this invoice is the same as that in the invoice issued to the client but instead ends with '-c' (for example: 1-1-1-118108-c).
    The invoice sent to you (the reseller) doesn't mean that its payment is due. The payment has already been made by your client. In other words, it's rather the total value of the monetary transactions between you (the reseller) and LiquidNet Ltd., of the products/services purchased by your clients and delivered by us (LiquidNet Ltd.). The difference between the two invoices (the one that ends with '-a' and the one that ends with '-c') is in fact your commission.
  • Refund (full or partial) - upon refund on behalf of the client we issue a credit note (an invoice with a negative mark). The difference in the nomenclature between the Credit Note and the Iinvoice is that the number of the credit note begins with '2' instead of '1' (for example 2-1-1-118108-a1).
    • Full refund - the Credit Note number is: 2-1-1-118108-a1.
    • Partial refund - if there are two partial refunds, the first Credit Note number will be: 2-1-1-118108-a1, and the second: 2-1-1-118108-a2.

The way this is done is actually identical with the example with the invoices.

The following Credit Notes should be sent:

  1. a Credit Note on your behalf (on behalf of the reseller) for a full refund, which is sent to your client (for example: 2-1-1-118108-a1). You receive a copy of it as well.
  2. from LiquidNet Ltd. to the reseller upon the wholesale price as a part of your client's refunded sum (for example: 2-1-1-118108-c1).



  1. Invoice #1-1-1-118108-a sent to the end client.
  2. Copy of Invoice #1-1-1-118108-a sent to the reseller.
  3. Invoice #1-1-1-118108-c sent to the reseller.

Credit Notes

  1. Credit Note #2-1-1-118108-a1 for a Refund sent to the end client.
  2. Copy of Credit Note #2-1-1-118108-a1 sent to the reseller.
  3. Credit Note #2-1-1-118108-c1 sent to the reseller.
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