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New Thank You! Page would like to notify its clients of the launch of a new Thank You! page, which completes the whole payment process.

View an example of our new Thank You! page.

New Thank You! Page

What is the Thank You! page like?

It is the last page, which confirms that the payment process (with Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or using your Wallet Balance from the Reseller Control Panel - RCP) has been completed successfully. In other words, after the purchase of the product/service, a Thank You! page emerges, which usually contains valuable information about the account or the number of the order, information about who has purchased or ordered a given product and other valuable info.

The new Thank You! page is a much more professional in every aspect than the older one, because it contains the most valuable information that the clients need to know:

  • The store, which has placed the order (your Store Name*)
  • The order's ID number
  • Information about where the Welcome E-mail with the account's settings and the invoice of the placed order will be sent
  • Information about who has placed the order and all the details given during the placement of the order
  • The number of the invoice, which will be sent via email once the verification of the order by our Billing Department has been completed, is mentioned as well. This procedure is carried out manually so that the fraudulent orders are avoided, and is usually completed within 24-48 hours after the payment has been made
  • A table with the parameters of the ordered products and with info about the status of the order, which is either pending or not verified, which means that the order has first to be checked. An exception is made for the purchases made through the RCP and paid by your Wallet Balance. These transactions always carry the status VERIFIED
  • Instructions for domain transfers
  • According to the type of the transaction, various instructions or confirmations are included as well

We advise you and your clients to read the whole Thank You! page carefully, including the Domain Transfer Instructions. We recommend that the Thank you! page should be printed by our clients and added to their archive.


*It is important that each reseller has a "Store Name", because it gets mentioned in this page. To change or set the name of your store you should first log in your Reseller Control Panel. In "Web Interface Settings" choose "Store Name". In the field "Store Name" you can enter the desired name of the store. The text which you've entered in this field influences all your order pages, Thank You! pages, invoices, Welcome E-mails, account renewals and other e-mail notifications. That is why we advise you to keep the Store Name within 30-35 symbols at the most, including the intervals.

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