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Dedicated Servers - Available Now!

On January 18, 2006 we officially launched our Dedicated servers offering. From now on customers will be able to purchase a completely dedicated server for their web hosting needs. Currently we offer the following server hardware:

Dedicated Servers - Available Now!

This configuration will allow you to host unlimited domains and sub-domains, FTP accounts, email addresses, mailing lists and cron jobs. There will be no limit on the amount of databases and database queries as well.

We are planning to offer customizable dedicated servers in the near future. In other words, you will be able to order a dedicated server with your preferred hardware configuration.

Our dedicated servers come with the following pre-installed software:

  • Fedora
  • Sendmail
  • Apache
  • PERL
  • Procmail
  • POP3
  • MySQL
  • BASH
  • PHP
  • IMAP

As only your account will be hosted on your dedicated server, you will be provided with a root access to that server, giving you the ability to install and configure additional software if needed. Therefore, it is recommended that you posses the skills necessary to maintain and manage a web server.

By ordering a dedicated server you will benefit from the optional features that can be installed upon request:

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • cPanel

Each ResellersPanel server is brought to you with the features mentioned below:

  • Variable monthly agreements
  • First-class hardware
  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Complete Root Access
  • Full Monitoring (ping, service, system, etc.)
  • Linux or FreeBSD software updates
  • 24/7 sales & technical support available via telephone, chat and e-mail

Dedicated Servers - A 10% Affiliate Commission Offer

If you want to profit from our dedicated servers offering, then check out our great affiliate system, which will allow you to do so.

10% affiliate monthly commission for each dedicated server sold!

By using your affiliate link to ResellersPanel, you can point potential clients to the Dedicated servers page. If a client orders a dedicated server, we will share 10% of the $180.00 USD price with you, which will be your affiliate commission. The most important detail is that you will receive 10% per a referred client every month until that particular client uses the dedicated server.

Speaking in numbers, each month you'll receive $18.00 USD as a commission as long as the client referred by you stays with us. From a SINGLE client you can earn up to $216.00 USD a year by just affiliating with us.

And even more, your profit can grow progressively. Refer a single client each new month and get $1404.00 USD a year.

An example:

You can directly refer a client to our Dedicated Servers page by using this type of link:
where username is your reseller account.

Now that’s an offer!

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