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The Private DNS Cluster improvements continue...

Since its launch three weeks ago, the Private DNS Cluster has been greatly improved. This powerful feature of our Free Reseller Hosting Program is designed to preserve your reseller anonymity, awake your brand's awareness and secure the network of your hosting company. Expect more cluster's features to come out very soon!

Private DNS Cluster

From now on you will be able to create your own private DNS, which will contribute to the uniqueness of your web hosting business and its brand awareness. Instead of our default DNS, you clients may use yours, e.g. and

What's new and improved?

We have added an option for a more powerful and advanced DNS records management. When you purchase your own name servers, you will be able to view and modify the DNS records for the domain name, which you have registered with us as a Private DNS. This is done from the Manage DNS Records section, opened by a button, formerly the Edit A Record. You will be able to set custom A and MX records for your existing domain and add new hostnames for it. You may redirect the 'www' to another website of yours hosted on SupCenterXX or elsewhere, thus keeping the Private DNS enabled and operating. If you'd like, you may use another mail server to handle your reseller's correspondence. It can be ether SupCenterXX or another mail server, simply change the MX record for your domain name. These new features will give you more control over the way you combine your own name servers with your custom reseller website.

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