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Private DNS Cluster - the launch is near!

The evolution of our revolution in reseller hosting continues with the launch of a service, which was highly demanded. The DNS Cluster makes the final step towards its much expected release. We are in the final phase of testing its ambitious purpose and soon it will be added as an option to our Free Reseller Program. We intend to offer two Private DNS packages, though we recommend the second one being more advanced as far as security is concerned. Please expect our new service to be launched till the end of May.

Private DNS Cluster - the launch is near!

Here's what you should know:

  1. What is a Private DNS Cluster?

    The Private DNS Cluster is a reseller utility designed to help you create a unique web hosting store and brand awareness. The idea is also to maintain your anonymity as a reseller. The Private DNS Cluster involves name servers, which you choose to register. They will be allocated to your clients’ domain names' DNS records. A cluster will emerge, representing your brand name. Your clients’ websites will be gathered in one network, using and That will be your private branded network!

  2. Why do I need a Private DNS Cluster?

    The Private DNS Cluster can be successfully combined with the Private Label Reseller feature, providing remarkable proofs of the existence of your unique hosting company. Your clients’ websites will be gathered under one name - your web hosting brand. By choosing a domain name for your clients’ domains’ dns settings, you will raise the trust in your hosting company and will point others to your web hosting store. The Private DNS Cluster develops the idea of the Private Label Reseller model to the fullest. You may now have everything under one brand - the web hosting store, the control panel, the invoices and other documents, the e-mail notifications and the dns settings of your clients’ domain names.

  3. Do I receive a bonus?

    Of course! ResellersPanel has always something to offer you for free as a bonus. A Free E-mail Cluster is included in both Private DNS packages. Your clients can use in their POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail server settings. Again, remarkable brand awareness and recognition will be settled.

  4. What is the difference between Private DNS 1 and Private DNS 2 packages?

    Internet security! It is all about security! The difference between the two packages consists mainly in the additional dedicated IP address that comes with the Private DNS 2 package, which uses two entirely dedicated IPs for both name servers. The benefits of the second dedicated IP address are related to possible security issues that may arise if an unfriendly person tries to attack a website of a client of yours or the name server itself.

  5. How should I place an order for a Private DNS Cluster?

    A Private DNS package could be ordered only if you are an existing reseller with our Free Reseller Hosting Program. You can purchase your Private DNS Cluster through our website or directly from your Resellers Control Panel. We have created an easy-to-understand wizard intended to guide you during the process of choosing your most appropriate DNS service. A lot of tool tips will emerge so don't miss out our marketing recommendations!

Opteron™ is now on sale!

We are now selling Opteron™! Our two more powerful dedicated server offerings have been modified. Instead of the previous processor Athlon64, we have compiled two better hardware configurations based on the new Opteron™ technology.

The Elite server comes with an Opteron™ 165 Dual Core processor on board. Our best server has been equipped with the Dual Opteron™ 265 Dual Core processor, which means that its efficiency has been doubled. From now on, you may rely on these two powerful solutions. Furthermore, if they are combined with a Managed Services package we will assure that your websites operate flawlessly.

Opteron™ is now on sale!

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