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Resellers Panel System Updates

Here are the latest updates to Resellers Panel's ever-evolving platform:

DNS Cluster Updates

Our newly defined DNS Cluster Renewal Policy is now in force for those resellers, whose Private DNS Cluster package is close to expiration. Due to the specificity of the DNS Cluster service, the DNS Cluster Renewal Policy is different for the resellers who have customers and for those that do not.

* If you have customers and do not renew your DNS Cluster package up to 24 hours prior to its expiration date, then we’ll renew the package automatically and deduct the renewal fee from your reseller’s pending commissions. This is done with the sole purpose of preventing your customers’ online services from going offline upon the DNS Cluster expiration.

* If you do not have customers and leave the DNS Cluster package to expire, then we give you the chance to renew the service within 30 days of the official expiration date.

Another significant update to the DNS Cluster service is that now it supports the new domain parking feature in the clients' Control Panel. This update allows customers who have parked their domains to use your private reseller DNSes as follows:

Billing System Improvement

Our recent renovation of the entire billing backbone of Resellers Panel has been more than successful and has considerably increased the speed of order processing and improved the fraud protection. Thus we have prepared the ground for many future introductions to Resellers Panel's billing system.

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