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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are now available to you!

High Demand

Due to the high demand over the last years, Resellers Panel has finally launched its line of virtual private servers. This release will mark the next evolutionary step of Resellers Panel towards the development of a fully integrated reseller hosting platform.

Cost-effective Solution

Our Virtual Private Servers embody the most useful features of web hosting by combining the affordability and simplicity of a shared hosting account with the power and independence offered by a dedicated server. Our business and more technically advanced customers should consider this cost-effective solution excellent for their ever-increasing needs

Mini, Regular & Maxi VPS

The VPS offers are displayed in the Dedicated Servers section of the Resellers Panel’s web site. You can choose between three package types in accordance with your specific requirements. Additional upgrades can be ordered easily.

Mini, Regular & Maxi VPS

Root Access and Customizable OS Environment

Each virtual private server runs on its own operating system and therefore you will be provided with root-level access to install almost any software you need. You can choose between Cent OS, Fedora Core 4 and Debian depending on the OS environment you’d like for your web applications. With the help of the Virtuozzo Power Console you will have the ability to reboot your server independently of the other VPS customers. To facilitate the administration of your VPS, you can order an optional web hosting Control Panel - Plesk, cPanel or RSP Control Panel.

Fully Managed Support

If you experience trouble with your virtual private server, you can leave the hard work to the professionals at Resellers Panel. We can manage your entire server environment, install various updates and configure the operating system and Control Panel. We will also monitor every aspect of your server's crucial activities and network security. Therefore, we highly recommend our managed support service as a part of the VPS service package.

Fully Managed Support
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