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Web Hosting Control Panel Upgrade: New Domain Manager and Reseller Store Link

We are pleased to announce the next step in the evolution of our client’s Web Hosting Control Panel, which now has new features, presented in a more intuitive and informative way, that integrate the demands of our customers expressed in our everyday communication with them.

Hepsia CP

The Domain Manager is located in the Site Management section and is purposed to control domain names that are registered, transferred, or are in a process of transfer. So far, it has been used exclusively to manage WHOIS information, DNS settings, Registrar Lock status and EPP authorization key - features concerning domain registration only. Our team has worked hard to let our customers do much more with their domains. The new Domain Manager, which has just been made available, is a joint solution for management of registered and hosted domain names from one place, and is intended to save time, provide more information and keep our customers satisfied.

What’s new?

Advanced Interface: The new advanced interface of the Domain Manager contains a menu comprised of 6 groups. The names given to these groups are self-explanatory for the status of the domains located inside.

What’s new?

Here is a brief description of these groups:

  • All Registered - all domains that are registered/transferred into one account
  • Hosted - domains that are hosted in one account
  • Parked - domains that are registered and parked in one account
  • Floating* - domains that are neither hosted nor parked, waiting for a new status
  • Expiring - domains that will expire within 1 month
  • Expired - domains that have expired and must be renewed before they go online

* Domains that have just been registered have a “Floating” status!

More Information: The Domain Manager is more informative now. Just one click on a domain name is sufficient to provide you with the information needed to manage its WHOIS, sub-domains, e-mails and web content through the File Manager.

Domain Manager

The complete domain information is accessible via the View all domain details link. Information for the current Google and Alexa page rankings is also available now.

New Features: New domain management options are now available. The Domain parking option applies to domain names registered through the Domain Manager.

Domain parking

In order to have a domain name parked, it must have a “Floating” status. We have implemented 2 parking solutions:

  1. set up a website template (Standard, For Sale or Under Construction) that we have developed, or
  2. set up a redirection URL

Domain renewal for up to 5 years is possible now.

Domain renewal

This option, together with the multiple-year domain registration option, is expected to encourage the sales through the Domain Manager.

Quick Control: The Quick Control shortcut, which is now available, will make the management of any chosen domain name that is currently hosted much easier.

Quick Control

It presents the complete information about a given domain that is available in our system.

Visit Store: Last, but not least, a Visit Store link has been added to the Web Hosting Control Panel. Thus, the clients will be able to visit the reseller webstore and stay up to date with the latest offers.

Visit Store

The webstore address that will open must be specified in the Store Default Domain field in the Store Settings section of the Reseller Control Panel.

As always, additional information about functionality and the meaning of the designation is available in the Help section of the Domain Manager. Tutorials will be added as well, and the Help Center’s F.A.Q. section will be updated.

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