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Next Coming Hosting Feature

Let us shed some light on the next and upcoming hosting introduction for all end-customers - a newly updated WHCP (Web Hosting Control Panel) E-mail Manager. The new E-mail manager will contain a lot of innovative functionalities and a fully upgraded e-mail management interface.


All e-mail management options (E-mail filters, SPF Protection, E-mail Forwarding, Webmail, etc.) will be joined together in one user-friendly interface equipped with handy tabs, quick access to all functions and improved controls.

WHCP Upcoming E-mail Manager


The listing of all mailboxes and their properties will be entirely renewed. Dynamic tooltips will be displaying the features and server setting of each e-mail account and offer possibility for selecting different actions (including automatic webmail login). Type icons will be available on the left side against each mailbox, providing quick status information and access to the most often used functions. Also added is auto-setup for Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail e-mail clients.

Aliases and Forwarding

In this new E-mail Manager version, the ‘create alias’ function will not be supported any more. The ‘Forward’ function will be upgraded so as to completely substitute this feature and perform its function.


Improved mailbox access is guaranteed, together with automatic login via all webmail clients supported in the customers’ Web Hosting Control Panel.

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