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ResellersPanel Control Panel

One of our greatest priorities had been - expanding the functionality of your private label reseller's Control Panel:

The list of TLDs available for registration for your reseller's or your clients' needs had been significantly enhanced.

The much-awaited multi currency billing option was introduced. It allows you to set your service offerings in any of the five generally recognized web hosting market currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD).

Store Currency

Let's not forget the launch of our fist UK-based servers. It had an immediate and enormously contributive effect on our integration in the classy European market.

Along with these innovative implementations, we introduced our first highly customizable and advantageous reseller hosting templates (3Box and SoftLite), enabling you to easily configure the settings of your online store, so as to better orientate it towards the targeted markets.

We brought further improvements to the feature capacity of our Liquid Plan Builder by increasing our resource values, whilst decreasing our prices. This enabled you to flexibly create more efficient and adequate to the market web hosting solutions at visibly competitive prices.

UK-based servers
UK-based servers

Especially for our resellers, who created their own web store designs, were upgraded our remote domain search and order forms by adding CSS customization possibilities.

And furthermore - additional features were activated, to supplementary generate profits from your sales, such as Error Page Trap and the intersystem Boost Renewal and Sales Boosting services.

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