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The new MULTIPLE STORES functionality allows you to create up to 3 additional, entirely independent from each other, free reseller web stores - a total maximum of 4, including your default store. Each store can have a separate Private DNS Cluster activated, its own brand name, service offerings and pricing currency set up. This ensures enormous flexibility for you in terms of new marketing strategies implementation, and can contribute to the enhancement of your web hosting business towards new targeted markets.

Resellers Panel Multi Store

Your brand recognition, significantly increased with the new functionality, adds further to your anonymity as a private label reseller. You can also take advantage of the possibility to set up a different template for each store - you can choose any of our advanced turn-key templates, and you can also customize a huge number of settings in your clients' web hosting control panels, separately for each web store.

Resellers Panel Multi Store

One of the greatest advantages of our new MULTIPLE STORES functionality is the positive impact it would have on your reseller commission. Thanks to the centralized management of all your web stores, you will be able to reach the bottom commission payment level much faster now, than if you ran only one store

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