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New Server - Added

We are especially proud with the new server added to our revolutionary reseller hosting network! will be an important part of our future load-balanced cluster system, because of its unique configuration ensuring highest-quality flawless operation and services.

The hardware specifications of the server are: 8 Core server on 2.66 GHz with 12 GB memory, 15 000 RPM HDDs, and redundant power supply. The very special parameters of the server are strictly confidential, yet you can 100% guarantee from now on to your clients that you are offering a web hosting solution that can be rarely found on the internet!

New WHCP Upgrade Services Quotas Launched

In tune with latest trends on the global web hosting market, we made a new update to the quotas of the web hosting services available as an upgrade through the clients' Web Hosting Control Panel. The new doubly increased quotas are listed in the Upgrades - > Add services menu of the control panels of those clients of yours, for whom you have activated the 'Upgrades' table.

PHP v6 is Supported Now on All Our Servers

PHP6 is a new version needing yet to be stabilized online. Presently, the version is recommended for test purposes and experimental use. We introduced this new version earlier in advance, because a lot of users were already interested in developing and maintaining dynamic web presence through PHP v6 enabled software. The most outstanding feature in PHP v6 is the Unicode support, coming as a timely response to the global software world's tendency of moving towards language and cultural sensitivity.

DNS Cluster 3 Package Released

The newly-released DNS Cluster 3 package considerably enhances the private brand building options available for the web hosting resellers of ResellersPanel. The new package includes two dedicated IP addresses. The availability of one dedicated IP address per primary and secondary DNS server guarantees the highest level of anonymity for your free reseller web hosting brand. It is definitely a great investment and it is equally suited for brand new resellers, starting their well-planned business now, and for resellers whose private brand requirements grow as their online business expands.

New cPanel and VPS Hosting Packages Sale Campaign

At the end, don't forget to take advantage of our new sale campaign, launched on the 5th birthday celebration of ResellersPanel. Until June 30th, you are able to buy a cPanel reseller hosting or VPS hosting package and save 20% off the original price!

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