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File Manager - Substantial Update

In keeping with our company’s policy of continual development and improvement, we launch our newest software update - the release of File Manager version 2.01. Our developers have input a lot of efforts, as always, to present new features and guarantee its smooth functioning.

Version 2.0 of the Web Hosting Control Panel’s File Manager was an in-house developed product of our developer team, that made a significant step ahead in the file management of yours and your customers’ account files. Some features were a real breakthrough and brought further ideas on how to enhance and improve its functionality. We’ve been carefully following the feedback and comments of all resellers and their clients and accordingly we’ve made new adjustments hoping to fulfill all your requirements.

Hereby follows a review of all new functions:

1. On the tooltips that you can open clicking on a file name/or a folder type icon, the option "Download" is featuring separately, not together with the "Open" option (Open/Download) as it used to be.

File Manager Folder Download

2. A ‘Download’ button has been added to the up and down Action toolbars, giving the possibility for multiple files/folders control. If you select multiple files/folder for download, the chosen items will be automatically generated in a .ZIP archive and downloaded to your PC.

File Manager Download Toolbar

3. As you have probably already noticed, ‘Download’ option is now available also for folders. It works on the same principle as the multiple files download.

4. Also new is the option for Archive/ZIP folder. It creates a .ZIP file from a chosen directory, in this case the archive is saved on the server.

File Manager Archive

5. In the information field of each file/folder a new type icon has been added, allowing you to change the permissions of the file/folder by clicking on it.

File Manager Permissions Table

6. "Enter Custom Path" this option provides an input field in which users can type a custom path that they wish to browse to. This new feature considerably shortens the time for finding directory locations that are well known to you, as it spares the need to browse folder by folder to the desired destination.

File Manager Custom Path

7. "Quick Links Path" any time you mouse over a directory name that has not been displayed for full, a tooltip will appear showing the entire name of the current host location.

File Manager quick links

8. Any time you mouse over a file/folder name that has not been displayed for full, a tooltip will appear showing the entire name of the file/folder destination.

File Manager file listing

A new option has been added to the File Listing Panel, giving you the opportunity to view your files listed by Name and Size. NOTE: By Name will be sorted all files and directories, while the Size option will be available only for the files list.

Most substantial are the innovations in the Plain text editor of the File Manager. Apart from the many fixes performed, few new useful features have been added:

  • "Go to line" field this is a text input field where the user will be able to enter a number of a line and then, pressing the "Enter" key, move directly to this line in the document. This option can be especially useful in cases when you want to edit something in a particular line, e.g. syntax/fatal error on line 54.
  • There are some changes also to the save and close functions. Up until now, there was one button "Save", which was saving the last changes and closing the window. With the new update, a new button has been added "Apply Changes", which will be saving/applying the last changes, and another one "Save And Close" which will confirm the saving process and close the window.
  • Another saving option will be also available the Ctrl+S key combination.
  • The Plain text editor will be now supporting the feature for syntax checking of the PHP code.
File Manager Text Editor

11. When visiting a customer`s Control Panel in Reseller Mode ON, the File Manager will be also listing the option "Count Files in this folder". This option will be run by a script, counting the number of files in a particular file manager destination, taking into consideration all files and folders into the selected directory.

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