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Benefits for the resellers

Benefits for the resellers

Becoming an ICANN accredited registrar, while a huge step forward for ResellersPanel, probably means nothing to the average hosting reseller. The benefits from our becoming an ICANN accredited registrar will extend to the hosting resellers and the regular web hosting users as well.

For one thing, we will no longer depend on for the registration of gTLDs, which means that we will not be using their services - this will affect the domain pricing, meaning lower prices.

Another benefit from having direct control over the domain names will be that all changes to the WHOIS information and the DNS settings will be carried out faster. Previously, we had to send all update information to eNom, while now everything will be carried out on our own servers.

The same applies to all domain name problems and disputes - we no longer have to send the cases to eNom, since we control the domain names ourselves.

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