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Dedicated Servers with Resellers Panel

The Dedicated Servers - definitely the most evaluate and most comprehensively built Dedicated Hosting solution of those three. It practically allows you to start your very own Hosting Company without the need of retailing or reselling the web space. You will be due only up to the monthly fee for the Dedicated Server you will be running. We offer reliable and endurable Dedicated Server boxes with various solutions of both preconfigured and preassembled workstation components and also a convenient customization point to meet your requests. The Dedicated Servers are perfect for big corporation web sites and large businesses, for running marketing campaigns and managing partcularly resource exhausting applications for precise automated work. The Dedicated Servers come along with variable Operational System Configuration as well as practical choice in equipping the right Control Panel among cPanel, DirectAdmin and the ResellersPanel Control Panel (WHCP).

In the Reseller Control Panel locate the Dedicated Servers menu.

Dedicated Hosting Menu

Activate the Dedicated Servers offers via their respective checkboxes.

Dedicated Hosting Settings

Modify the pricing for all Dedicated Servers offers - choose how much you will profit from each sale.

Dedicated Hosting Pricing
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