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Semi-Dedicated Servers with Resellers Panel

The Semi-Dedicated Servers - a 'heavy-weight' hosting account solution that immensely expands over the ordinary shared web hosting account and enhancens it with trippled CPU consumption capabilities, distinctively more freedom in Disk Space and Bandwidth dispatching as those resources are completely unlimited. The Semi-Dedicated Servers are the best solution for busy content management system web sites and fast, stable and safe implementation of some of the more demanding forum scripts to come around. Those Servers present an ideal alternative for those web sites that do not cope with the limitations of a shared web hosting account yet do not require full resource ownership or full Server privileges to run smoothly, which is where the Semi-Dedicated services come in handy! The Semi-Dedicated Servers come with the specially built Web Hosting Control Panel developed by our own Development Team to provide flexible and intuitive control panel enviroment that although complex and many featured, is also extremely user-friendly.

In the Reseller Control Panel locate the Semi-Dedicated Servers menu.

Semi-Dedicated Reseller Menu

Activate the Semi-Dedicated Servers offers via their respective checkboxes.

Semi-Dedicated Reseller Settings

Modify the pricing for all Semi-Dedicated Servers offers - choose how much you will profit from each sale.

Semi-Dedicated Reseller Pricing
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