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Virtual Private Servers with Resellers Panel

The Virtual Private Servers - ideal for busy and traffic-ridden web sites that provide an extent or unique development of a common, popular and known service such as online flash games, online radio stations, online image builders, online video community portals, etc. The Virtual Private Servers are an optimal solution for both the experienced and those new in Server administration. We offer those Virtual Servers with an impressive variety of Operational System choices and optional hardware/software upgrades meant to face any demand. The Virtual Private Servers can be bundled up with either cPanel (one of the leading Control Panel solutions on global basis), DirectAdmin (a lite control panel ideal for workstations with limited resources) or no Control Panel at all for those who are more advanced or require to take the control panel choice solicitly.

In the Reseller Control Panel locate the Virtual Private Servers menu.

VPS Reseller Hosting Menu

Activate the Virtual Private Servers offers via their respective checkboxes.

VPS Reseller Hosting Settings

Modify the pricing for all Virtual Private Servers offers - choose how much you will profit from each sale.

VPS Reseller Hosting Pricing
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