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Backend Upgrade

Our old Control Panel was built several years ago to meet the web hosting needs back in the day. However, during the course of time, we had to modify it countless times to fit the ever-changing web hosting market demands until we reached a point where a radical change was needed. So, we started from the ground up.

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The new Control Panel has been built on the basis of an entirely new web hosting platform and in accordance with all modern web hosting requirements. This new platform, internally known as PH3, is designed to be much more flexible than the old one, which will allow easier future upgrades and easier maintenance. It is also fully compatible with our existing billing system.

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But the biggest advantage of the new hosting platform is its speed - the new Control Panel was designed with performance in mind and we wanted to create something, which would run very fast. So, we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the code so that all Control Panel tasks will run faster with our new hosting platform - right now the Hepsia Control Panel runs 2 to 4 times faster than the cPanel control panel.

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