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A New Domain Manager

One of the biggest advantages of the Hepsia Control Panel is the ability to control both your files and your domain names from a single place - you don't need a second Control Panel from which to manage your domain names and billing operations.

We have created a Domain Manager, which is very easy to use - from the moment you see it, you will know what you can do with the domains that you have. We have prepared a detailed Help section, as well as video tutorials, to help you - if you ever need any assistance.

A new addition in the Domain Manager is the Domain Labels functionality. These are tags you can assign to your domain names - this way, if you have a lot of domain names, you can easily sort them and work with the ones you need. You can apply different Domain Labels to a single domain as well.

Domain Name Labels

We have also added a domain filter in the Hosted Domains section. You simply have to type the name of the domain you want, or even a part of it, in the designated field, to find it quickly.

Domain Names Filter

All the functions that the customers are already accustomed with are there too - you can find quick shortcuts to other sections of the Control Panel while inside the Domain Manager interface. You will see an ID Protection section from where a customer can order ID protection for his domain's WHOIS information. By using the URL Redirection tool, anyone can redirect traffic from a given website to another web address. The Password Protection section, on the other hand, allows you to protect a specific website folder with a password. The SSL Certificates menu is also here, so that anyone can purchase an SSL certificate for his domain name straight from his Control Panel without having to resort to a third-party company. And since you, as a reseller, can set the SSL price, this means more profits for you.

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