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ResellersPanel's official position on the Unlimited Resources and Features

Here is the official position of our CFO Nick Blaskov on the inclusion of unlimited resources and features within our web hosting plans:

“When we started ResellersPanel in 2003, our goals were simple - to make reseller hosting easy for the inexperienced reseller. Our business model relied on the provision of the vital tools necessary for our resellers to succeed without having to invest in them beforehand. And it worked out pretty well.

7 years later, our business model remains unchanged - we are trying to make things easier for our resellers. We are constantly working on introducing new features and on improving our services in general. And, as from today, our shared hosting plans will be offering unlimited resources and features.

For me, the word “unlimited” is just an abstraction - it`s not something real; it was coined to denote limits one can never reach, no matter what one does. It just goes to prove that something truly “unlimited” can never exist. I have often wondered why the term “unlimited” is never used in the banking sector, for example. Or why it is never seen in gas stations. Have you ever seen the phrase “unlimited fuel” in any gas station commercial?

When web hosting companies started using the term “unlimited” to describe their plan features and resources, I was firmly against us adopting this approach, since it was just a trick to lure inexperienced and novice users with huge promises.

However, with the rapidly changing web hosting market, more and more companies started adopting this approach - offering plans with unlimited features. And while many companies were overselling and placing tons of users on their servers without considering any limitations, people still bought such web hosting plans.

As a result, today, customers expect to see a plan with unlimited disk space and traffic quotas. So, to keep up with the current market trends, we’ve decided that from now on our plans will be offering unlimited resources and features as well. I believe that this will help our resellers attract more customers to their web hosting stores and generate more profits.”

Nick Blaskov
CFO of ResellersPanel

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