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Shared Hosting Plans now with Unlimited Resources and Features

The shared web hosting plans offered by ResellersPanel have always offered enough resources for everyone to build their dream website. However, in the last few years, web hosting customers have started searching for plans with unlimited resources and features. And while the term “unlimited” is just a marketing trick, it has now become a “best practice” for the web hosting industry. The Marketing teams of the biggest hosting companies in the world today, the ones which introduced the “unlimited” approach, obviously have limited imaginations. And the only thing they managed to come up with in order to boost the sales was the word “unlimited”.

To keep up with the reseller hosting market’s demands, ResellersPanel is now converting its shared hosting plans to sport unlimited resources and features too. You will see the change reflected in our Starter, Business, Corporate and Enterprise predefined web hosting plans.

Web Hosting Plans for reselling

The even better news is that this change will come at no cost for you - the price of these plans will remain the same, but you will be able to reach a much broader web hosting market audience, attract more visitors and make more profits without having to increase the retail prices of your web hosting offers.

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