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The Hepsia CP is Available with Semi-Dedicated Servers

The Hepsia CP is Available with Semi-Dedicated Servers

If you are a hosting reseller, it's vital to keep existing customers for as long as possible, since they are the cause of your profits. This also means that when a hosting customer wishes to upgrade, you have to offer a suitable web hosting solution.

Why Semi-Dedicated servers are so useful?

This is where the semi-dedicated servers kick in. As a hosting solution, the semi-dedicated server is midway between the shared hosting account and the dedicated server - while the semi-dedicated server offers a lot of power beneath the hood, just like a dedicated server does, it is also very easy to control - just like a shared web hosting account is.

Semi-Dedicated Servers with Hepsia

Semi-Dedicated servers with the Hepsia Control Panel

And this is when the Hepsia Control Panel comes into play - since both the shared and the semi-dedicated solutions offer one and the same Control Panel tool, it's very easy for the customers to simply continue their work on a much powerful platform, without having to get familiar with new customer interfaces and change their way of doing things.

Plus, the Hepsia Control Panel is chuck-full of free bonuses, which can be used with a semi-dedicated server.

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